1.Preventive Measures

A large part of the usual dirt brought in can be avoided by laying adequately large dirt-locks in front of the entrances and clean walking zones, which are included in regular cleaning.

Otherwise sand brought into the building leads to abrasive effects, which shorten the life of the surface coat, or damage it irreparably.

2.Cleaning after installation

Newly laid floor coverings must be cleaned before first being used, in order to remove any marks and remains of building materials. Loose dirt should be carefully removed (by brushing, vacuuming or damp mopping). For this purpose use suitable cleaning products, such as Dr. Schutz PU Cleaner, observing the instructions for use. Apply the cleaning product onto the floor covering and follow the instructions of the manufacturer. Remove all marks and dirt and mop the floor with clear water afterwards, so that all remains of cleaning products disappear.

3.Treatment of Coating

The LG Hausys Decoclick floor coverings are coated at the factory with a UV-hardened PUR layer. This coating protects the covering while it is being laid and, depending on wear, for a certain time during its initial use. In order to ensure better protection for the floor coverings, it is necessary to follow recommendations for laying, cleaning and care.

In order to ensure better protection of floor coverings, it makes sense to carry out initial care, especially in very intensively used areas of the building (e.g. medical practices, offices). This initial care should be carried out before the floor is used. In such areas of the building we recommend using the Dr. Schutz PU Sealer-System.

Please note: when the PUR coating shows the first signs of wear after long or intensive use, a timely renovation of the floor surface is recommended in order to guarantee long-lasting, proactive protection. Firstly, the floor should be basically cleaned to rid it of dirt or old care-product layers. This follows the renovation of the floor surface (see point 6), whereby you should follow the instructions for use of the manufacturer.


4.Regular Cleaning and Care

4.1 Removal of loose dirt and dust: mop the floor covering with suitable damp micro-fibre cloths.

4.2 Manual or machine wet cleaning: to remove sticky dirt it is best to use cleaning products such as Dr. Schutz PU Cleaner. When doing so, the surface should be cleaned according to the instructions of the manufacturer. Areas which require regular disinfection can be treated with a floor disinfectant product, such as Dr. Schutz Disinfection-cleaner Concentrate.

4.3 Interim cleaning: if sticky dirt cannot be removed by a wet mopping process, an interim cleaning should be carried out, with a product such as Dr. Schutz PU Cleaner, in a higher concentration, as recommended by the manufacturer. The cleaning can be carried out using a scrubbing brush (manual), a cleaning machine, or using the cleaning process with a monodisc machine SRP and a red pad.

5.Removal of stains and rubber-heel marks

Stubborn stains and rubber-heel marks can be removed with undiluted PU Cleaner using a cloth or scratch-free white pad. Afterwards mop the floor with clear water. Remove stains as soon as possible, as certain kinds of stain tend to adhere to the covering with age, and are then difficult to remove, or can only partially be removed.

6.Basic cleaning

In order to remove particularly stubborn dirt and residues, which impair the appearance of the floor covering, and which cannot be removed by regular cleaning, or when a surface renovation with the Dr. Schutz PU Sealer-System should be carried out, then basic cleaning is required.

Use a cleaning product recommended by the manufacturer, such as Dr. Schutz Clean&Strip.

Work on the floor covering using a monodisc-machine with a green pad. Remove all dirty rims/ marks and afterwards mop the floor with clear water, until all remnants of the cleaning product have disappeared. Follow the instructions for use of the manufacturer! If no initial care is to be carried out following the basic cleaning, then use a red pad or scrubbing brush instead of a green pad.



7.Freshening up the surface covering in household areas

If the first signs of wear can be seen in the household or residential areas, it is possible to freshen up the surface with a suitable care product, e.g. Dr. Schutz Floor Matt, for easier regular cleaning and increased hard wearing quality. This is especially recommended if regular polishing is not possible and assumes that the floor was previously subjected to an after-installation cleaning, thoroughly carried out, as otherwise it can prove difficult to ensure an even application of the care product, and the care-film after drying can appear blotchy, or does not adhere properly. Apply the appropriate care product, according to the manufacturer, undiluted onto the floor. After drying overnight, the floor covering can be walked on again.

8.Proactive long-term protection/renovation in buildings

The PUR-coating protects the floor covering, reduces dirt adhesion and makes regular cleaning easier. In order to maintain this protective effect long-term, we recommend proactive long-term protection and a timely renovation of damage to the surface of the floor covering.

8.1 Proactive long-term protection: after a longer time of use and when the first signs of wear appear, the factory-applied PUR-coating should be freshened up with the Dr. Schutz PU Sealer system. Proceed according to the instructions for use of the manufacturer.

8.2 Renovation: in the case of acute signs of wear in the factory-applied PUR-coating, apply CC PU-Sealer in a double coat, according to the instructions of the manufacturer.

9.Refurbishment in special areas of buildings

If the floor requires special protection in particular areas, e.g. for medical practices, hairdressing salons, car showrooms, etc., (for example to prevent discoloration through contact with disinfectants, hair dyes and plasticizer migration) or if the use of a conventional removable polymer dispersion is intended due to the special demands of the specific area, then please contact the Technical Applications advice service of CC-Dr. Schutz (technik@dr-schutz.com or telephone +49-5152/9779-16).



10.General advice

On LG Hausys Decoclick floors only suitable chair castors, conforming to EN 12529 Type W, or soft chair-pads should be used. Contact areas with moveable furnishings or equipment should be fitted with a suitable locating surface of sufficient dimensions, or pressure-distribution mats. Plastic furniture gliders are also recommended, e.g. Dr. Schutz ScratchNoMore. These should be regularly cleaned and maintained. Chemicals such as e.g. solvents, medicines and disinfectants, hair-dyes, bleaches etc. can lead to permanent discoloration or damage. Before using them , these should be tested on a retained sample of the floor covering to find out their effect. When using adhesive tape strips on the floor covering, their suitability should be checked with the respective manufacturer.

Chemicals can cause discoloration on direct contact with the floor covering. Therefore those contact areas should be protected correspondingly. Stubborn stains or scratches from rubber heels can be removed with undiluted CC PU-Cleaner and a cloth or white pad, and then mopped with clear water afterwards. Glowing cigarettes and burning ash can damage PVC-floor coverings.

Most of the manufacturers of cleaning and care products offer the appropriate cleaning systems. We recommend only using the system of one individual manufacturer.

The cleaning and care advice have been drawn up in cooperation with CC-Dr. Schutz and in agreement with the current rules of the industry and technology. LG Hausys Europe assumes no liability for care measures and the use and effect of cleaning and care products. Should cleaning/ care products from other manufacturers be used, a written agreement should be sought from the respective manufacturer and LG Hausys Europe. By making available the recommendations published here for customers with regard to cleaning and care when laying new floor coverings, the contractor complies with the regulations according to norm DIN 18365.

If you have any further questions about the correct cleaning and care of LG Hausys Decoclick floor coverings, please contact CC Dr. Schutz, Holbeinstr. 17, 53175 Bonn, www.dr-schutz.com, technik@dr-schutz.com.

With the publication of these cleaning and care recommendations, all earlier versions are no longer valid.