Reduced repetition of patterns with 1.5 times bigger unit pattern compared to existing products maximizes the feeling of naturalness.





- 122cm(48in)

- 50m(164ft)/roll

- O

  • Flame Retardant
  • Color of the above product can be different from actual product color.

Key Features


LG Hausys Interior Film BENIF was developed with components satisfying the environment-friendly standards for various raw materials and adhesives, and transformed into a real eco-friendly product with meets the standards of public office, schools, daycare centers as well as health-friendly homebuilding by achieving eco labels by types.

Fire Safety

LG Hausys Interior Film BENIF is the product which was produced under the close quality control of LG Hausys and passed the strict flame proof testing of Korea Fire Institute. Also, the achievement of the vessel material certification of Korea Register of Shipping by carrying out a performance test of vessel apparatus of KOMERI (Korea Marine Equipment Research Institute) proves its safety to be applicable for domestic and overseas vessels. (except GS, GM, LE, PL, and WV colours)